Top resources for gambling and betting in 2022

Gambling and betting are the top niche for affiliate marketing. Draining traffic to gambling and betting brings solid income, there is a positive trend in the growth of offers, and also a decent amount of thematic cases. In 2022, affiliates should know which directions are the most promising and stable in the new year for traffic. Want to get more? Follow Mostbet Partners!


ASO, or App Store Optimization, is the sum of settings for organic promotion of applications in Google Play and AppStore. Search algorithms index applications according to a number of specified features — working with them is called ASO.

ASO helps to increase the position of the application in the search and formulate queries in a relevant way. You can set relevant keywords, improve the quality of screenshots and icons, add videos, ratings and reviews, set localization.

Trend 2022 for driving traffic to gambling and betting — webview applications. They help not to get banned during moderation thanks to bots. Moderators receive a “white” application, and a casino offer is shown to a potential lead. This is achieved through the built-in browser in the application. This makes it even easier to attract traffic to gray offers, because there is no need for a cesspool anymore.

But it is important to understand that the effect of ASO is not instantaneous. To get organic, it takes time for search algorithms to adapt to new parameters and the number of downloads to increase due to search results. Nevertheless, ASO is a promising, and most importantly, long-term profitable method. In gambling and betting, organic traffic is valuable, as such users stay in the casino or at the bookmaker and continue to bring him income.


UAC is an advertising platform from Google. On it you can get traffic for applications. In 2022, this method will become more popular than in 2021 due to the growing number of app campaigns. Take a closer look at this option at the beginning of the year to get the maximum benefit.

According to the results research UAC is more effective than manual campaigns. This determines the interest of users in the niche.

UAC is not about targeting, is about traffic search algorithms. For correct settings, trust accounts and impressive budgets are needed. The arbitrator can get a decent amount of traffic, while the probability of a ban is low compared to FB. Advertising will be broadcast in the search engine, on YouTube, Google Play, Google Display.


By the end of 2021, TikTok has resurfaced in the realm of gambling for the web. Although there are few case studies on working with traffic, TikTok still brings the desired benefits. On the forums, you can see the opinion that every campaign launched on TikTok is verified by a real worker. But so far this is nothing more than an unconfirmed rumor.

The best option is to pour through agent offices. But they need to be purchased from trusted suppliers. In Creo, it is better not to use forbidden topics. If you use elements of a gambling game, then it is better to disguise it as traditional TikTok videos. You do not need to directly report what is advertised.

Good content for a betting account. The user talks about how to bet and shares his experience. In his profile description, a link to Telegram with detailed information

FB Alternatives

The top FB alternatives are ad networks and Telegram. Networks are a popular source of traffic for arbitrageurs. You can roam in them in advertising formats and topics. Here are some options:

● teaser ads. It is worth adding a visual with an intriguing text, you can clickbait;

● pop-ups or pop-ups. If the user visits the site, then after a specified time or when trying to close the page, you can set up ads;

● clickanders. This is an advertising format in which the user is sent to the service of the offer with any click on the page;

● native advertising. Here it is important to get into the subject and not go beyond it. Creo must be concentrated and precise, without water;

● banners. It is better if they are bright and calling to action. Vertical or horizontal, dynamic or static, it doesn’t matter;

● pushes. Although they are regularly “buried”, they can still compete with other methods of attracting traffic in 2022.

As for Telegram, the messenger remains both a source and a spacer for gray niches. It is convenient because almost all publications are moderated. In 2018, schemes with three-digit ROI successfully worked in Telegram. Now the numbers are lower for most GEOs, but they are still profitable. It is a working alternative to FB for newbies and experienced affiliates.

It is better to focus on tier-2 and tier-3 countries. In 2022, bundles that successfully poured into the bourgeoisie and post-Soviet countries in 2018–2020 work well for them.


Gambling and betting are demanded niches for investments, which in the new year, one can assume, will not give primacy even to crypto and binary options. Arbitrageurs deservedly like to sell on gambling and betting, as there are many promising sources of traffic. Plus — this niche is explored and filled. It is perfect for beginners, and experienced arbitrators often get even more from the campaign than they planned.



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