How to set up postback and tracker for affiliate marketers

Hello friends! Let’s talk about postbacks and trackers today! Postback, pingback or s2s is an integration between CPA and trackers; that is, a mechanism that informs trackers about the work of the CPA. Postback is optional, but very useful for minimizing traffic buying costs and optimizing arbitrage in general. And working with the proposed instruments and Mostbet Partners, you can easily optimize costs!

What is postback for?

After setting up the postback, the affiliate will be able to analyze campaigns deeper and work more efficiently. The settings for this feature have the following benefits:

● The affiliate gets the most clear information about conversions;

● The system monitors traffic according to numerous parameters;

● Optimization occurs automatically.

To set up the postback correctly, you need to set up data transfer between the tracker and the CPA. To do this, you need to have an Offer URL (a link for an offer from an affiliate) and a Postback URL (a link from the network). As a result, you need to get the Destination URL — the final link that can be added to the grid.

The main configuration work will take place in the tracker. This is where you should combine the link from the affiliate program and the postback from the CPA. The difficulty is that the network and the tracker work with information through different macros. Postback unifies this format, simplifying the data flow. Here’s what you need to set up:

  1. Find a standard Postback link in the ad network.
  2. Add the selected network in the tracker and design its template. This stage is relevant for those who are working with a specific CPA for the first time.
  3. Create a new ad line in the tracker, set the traffic source and add the Offer URL there, that is, the link from the affiliate. After that, the affiliate gets the very link that can be added to the ad account — Destination URL.

Which tracker should you choose? Mostbet Partners recommends the following trackers.


PeerClick’s advantage is its cloud hosting. It is useful for a beginner in arbitration, since he does not need to invest in a server to install a tracker. That is, you can save money with PeerClick. The service also has a global CDN.

Here are some of the top features of the service that all affiliates will find useful:

● Antifraud — protection against bots. This feature analyzes traffic by 13 metrics, cutting down bots. The system determines them, for example, through quick clicks, IP addresses, unidentified user agents, etc .;

● Landing protection. PeerClick protects landing pages from spyware parsing;

● Convertible loan or Conversion cap. This feature quickly switches offers if the daily conversion threshold has been reached. This way, the traffic will not be wasted.


AdsBridge is convenient for tracking organic traffic without redirects. The advantages of the tracker are as follows:

● Direct transition to the landing page;

● All settings are accessible and understandable, and navigation is simple;

● All statistics go to the tracker, where they can be viewed and analyzed;

● CTR and the number of conversions for launched campaigns increase;

● Incoming traffic will be distributed inside the tracker;

● You can transfer data in tokens.


Main functions on Binom:

● Fast and accurate traffic segmentation;

● Optimization of traffic flows through distribution by conversion and uniqueness parameters;

● You can add and store offers and landings, add notes to campaigns;

● Distribution of campaigns by employees.

On Binom, you can easily set up a redirect — users will not see the same offer again. Also, landing pages will be protected from direct access bypassing the affiliate link.


Thanks to the indicated services, arbitration will become many times more effective. And if you want to get the maximum profit, cooperate with Mostbet Partners. Our portal has a convenient personal account and a bunch of bonuses. You can get a cool discount in a couple of clicks!



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