GEO of the month Turkey

Hello friends! Mostbet Partners is in touch with information on the top GEO of the month — Turkey. This country is not just beautiful beaches and all inclusive service. Over the past month, Turkey has pleased with decent coverage, an increase in the number of offers and ROI. The advantage is that this is a developing GEO, and any webmaster can still easily fill in and get a solid output. Want to know where to start? Let’s take a look at our new content!

General information about Turkey

Over 87 million people live in Turkey. The gender distribution is equal: 50% men, 50% women. The most popular platforms are FB, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. But the Turkish government routinely bans social media. For example, at the beginning of 2021was published, that from April of the same year, “bandwidth restrictions will apply” for all of the above networks. It really made using the internet less convenient. But after this ban in Turkey, the demand for VPNs has massively increased. In 2022, due to these services, you can freely surf and work on the Internet.

As regards the income of the population, March 1, 2022 the average income of a Turk is $395. But at the same time, the average income of an employee of a large company (with a staff of more than 250 employees) is $751. Medium-sized enterprises with up to 100 employees earn an average of $356, and micro-enterprises — $198.

Gambling and betting in Turkey

Active work with offers in Turkey began only from the end of 2016 — the beginning of 2017. Therefore, in 2022 there is still a “young” market here and those bundles that brought a decent tier-1 conversion in 2016 are working. The Turkish consumer is not yet tempted by trendy advertising, complex presentation and even 3D motion design.

There is a whole saga with casinos and bookmakers in Turkey. Back in the 90s, the authorities completely banned gambling. But after that, there was an immediate outflow of tourists. This had a negative impact on the budget, creating a hole in it. The reaction of the government was quick and casinos were still allowed, but with a caveat — they opened only in expensive luxury hotels. Often in such places, foreigners spent currency, ignoring the Turkish lira.

The Turks themselves, for the most part, could not afford to come to the best hotels in the country and spend there a few average salaries per evening. Therefore, the online sector began to develop rapidly. New Turkish Internet resources appeared every day. But this stream of gambling entertainment did not yield to government control, no matter how the authorities influenced it. Therefore, a decision was made to ban the activity.

However, this did not stop betters and gamblers. They are happy to play in foreign institutions. Trust is caused by companies licensed in Curacao. But the influx of traffic to illegal Turkish casinos is also great.

Residents of Turkey are extremely reckless and do not know how to lose. For men brought up in a rigid patriarchal society, it is important that they have the final say. Therefore, the Turks will bet to the victorious final. Women are much less interested in the gambling business, but if they are, they are more often wealthy ladies with an income several times higher than the average.

National holidays

The main holidays of the country are:

· New Year — January 1st.

· National Sovereignty and Children’s Day — 23 April.

· Day of Labor and Solidarity — 1 May.

· The end of Ramadan is a floating date, in 2022 it falls on May 2–5, in 2023 it falls on April 23–25.

· Youth and Sports Day — May 19.

· Day of Democracy and National Unity — July 15.

· Eid al-Adha is a floating date. At 2–22 it is July 8–12, in 2023 — June 29-July

· Victory Day — August 30.

· Republic Day — October 28–29.

It is better not to set up campaigns for religious holidays, as residents at this time prefer to commit fewer “worldly sins”. And on other holidays, gambling activity grows due to weekends and the desire to make this day truly special.

Useful for affiliates

It is most convenient to work with Turkey through FB and Google Ads. Most of the traffic goes through FB. Despite the blocking of social networks by the government, people actively use them. However, this does not eliminate the risk of losing leads. To minimize budget losses, we recommend that you immediately test on a large scale and diversify your traffic. Plus in the relative cheapness of tests.

Banner should be issued exclusively in Turkish. English is known moderately, not fluently, and by no means all. Often Turks use translators to communicate with foreigners. And banner in English does not give almost any results.

The visual must be selected for the vertical and specific target audience. “Hot” visuals work with canonically beautiful women, including foreigners, authoritative advice from local stars.

Turks make deposits and redeps through bank cards, QR codes and payment systems EcoPayz, MuchBetter. In 2021, the government banned citizens to use crypto as a means of payment. But, as with the online gambling ban, it didn’t work. In many foreign casinos, Turkish residents can still safely pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum.

GEO updates at Mostbet Partners

To make working with GEO convert even cooler, Mostbet Partners has developed several updates:

1. Now freebet for registration is available on a permanent basis. And very soon free spins for creating a profile will become available. The client will receive a bonus at the registration stage for choosing a segment — casino or sports betting.

2. Fully adapted capacities for Turkish GEOs are now available on our service. On the banners, the currency is TRY, and providers and games are prioritized by specific GEOs. Now you can easily see what is now in the Turkish TOP.

3. Almost all local payment methods are available, including Visa and Mastercard. And very soon we will add issetle.


Mostbet Partners continues stable work with many GEOs. This month, Turkey showed itself the coolest of all. Share cases, comments and opinions, how this GEO has shown itself in your practice!



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